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SHEV AND TPV Holders: Apply for your permanent visa NOW!

SHEV AND TPV Holders: You can apply for your permanent visa NOW! The Department of Home Affairs has finally opened the door for people that hold Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (subclass 790) and Temporary Protection Visas (subclass 785) to apply for their permanent visa by lodging an application for a Resolution of Stats Visa (subclass […]

Jin. Jiyan. Azadi. (Women. Life. Freedom.)


CONTENT WARNING: this article contains discussion of sexual assault, violence against women and sexism. Please read with caution. Gasht-e Ershad. I will never forget the day I first time I heard this phrase. Parvaneh** had come to me for help with a protection visa. She was from Iran, a tiny woman, with long curly hair […]

What is the Hazara Genocide?

Who are Hazara? Hazara people are indigenous to Afghanistan. They are a minority in Afghanistan making up around 10 – 20% of the general population in Afghanistan. The majority ethnicity is Pashtun. Hazara are thought to have Turkic, Uzbek or Iranian ancestors. This heritage gives them distinctly ‘Asian’ appearance. Most Hazara are Shi’a Muslims. As […]

Moving to Australia with your family

Moving to Australia with your family So, you are thinking of moving to Australia with your family. Well, why wouldn’t you? Beautiful clean cities. Gorgeous beaches. A world class educational system.  A place of opportunity and freedom. Me My name is Peggy Kerdo, and I am the Principal Solicitor and founder of Kerdo Legal. My […]


A third of Pakistan is under water. The catastrophic flooding in Pakistan has caused a crisis, not just in people losing their homes, but food shortages and lack of safe drinking water. More than 9 million people have been displaced, with many living by the roadside in tents while they wait for the waters to […]

Malaysia and LGBTIQ+ protection visas

The Department of Home Affairs is consistently refusing to grant protection visa applications from  LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers from Malaysia. This is deeply shocking, given that Malaysia has one of the worst records of inhumane treatment of LGBTIQ+ people in the world. Last week (10 August 2022), a report from Human Rights Watch gave details of […]

Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) – What is happening?

The Labor Government has promised that people on SHEV and TPV visas will get permanent visas in the first six months of the Labor Government, that is by November 2022. So what is happening now, at the beginning of July 2022? Pathways to a permanent visa? The Government is trying to figure out the pathway […]


UKRAINE – humanitarian and tourist visas to be fast tracked! The Department for Home Affairs will be fast tracking visitor visas to Australia (subclass 600) for people still in Ukraine who wish to leave and Humanitarian visas for people who have crossed the borders into other countries to escape the violence https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/legal-affairs/minister-confirms-fasttracking-of-family-visas-for-ukrainians/news-story/d58fcdbc131ad2602fedac8970c6b963?btr=b135f50a2b00969db3dc922d4a94b182 If you have family […]

Djokovic and the Australia immigration system: What happened and why

When Novak Djokovic tried to enter Australia, he became tangled in a complex system that many people are subject to, and very few have the fame and fortune to fight. If a person comes to Australia and has any sort of mistake on their entry card, or that they seem to hold the wrong type […]

Student visas – increased work hours!

Friday 14 January 2022 Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced people on student visas could work more than 40 hours per fortnight. that the Commonwealth had lifted the 40 hour per fortnight work limitation placed on international students. This is to help with all the worker shortages. Stay tuned with Kerdo Legal for more information!

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