Asylum Seekers – Boat Arrivals

People seek protection from persecution in a number of ways, but all of them are legal in Australia.

If you arrived by boat without an Australian visa, and you are on a bridging visa E in the community, you are blocked from applying for a protection visa.

If you did not arrive in Australia by boat and you are seeking protection, please click here.

When the Minister for Immigration gets rid of this block, then you will be invited to apply for a protection visa.

When you get this invitation, you are only allowed to apply for one of two temporary protection visas: the 3 year Temporary Protection Visa (‘TPV’, subclass 785); or the 5 years Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (‘SHEV’, subclass 790).

There is a lot of wrong information about these two visas in the community.

At Kerdo Legal, we will explain the differences between the TPV and the SHEV, and advise you on which visa is the best for you and your family.

We will give you an outline of all our fees and charges before you engage us. We also offer a payment plan.

And we will stay with you until there is a decision by the Department of Immigration.

If you have received your Invitation, there are time limits that you must follow.

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