Asylum Seekers – Boat Arrivals

People seek protection from persecution in a number of ways, but all of them are legal in Australia.

If you arrived in Australia by plane and you are seeking protection, please click here.

If you arrived by boat without an Australian visa, and you are on a bridging visa E in the community, you are only allowed to apply for one of two temporary protection visas: the 3 year Temporary Protection Visa (‘TPV’, subclass 785); or the 5 years Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (‘SHEV’, subclass 790). At the moment, you cannot apply for either of these visas because the Minister has “lowered the bar”, which means you cannot apply for anything, even a bridging visa. The MInister has to “lift the bar” before you can apply for a visa. We often write tot he Minister to ask for the bar to be lifted.

If you are on a TPV or SHEV, we can help you apply for your second TPV or SHEV.

If you are on a SHEV, we can look at you pathway to a permanent visa after your first SHEV comes to an end.

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