At Kerdo Legal, we know that having a conversation about death and incapacity may be difficult.

We can help you care for your loved ones in these difficult time by helping you making wills and living wills.

A will helps make sure your family has as few problems as possible when they have to deal with your estate after you have died.

We help individuals and couples to prepare simple wills and living wills (or power of attorney), to make sure that your wishes are carried out when you can no longer make these decisions for yourself.

It is so important to make a will. If you pass on without a will, you have no say over the distribution of your estate. The the courts will have to sort it out, which could take a long time – maybe over 2 years before your estate is distributed (usually) to your immediate blood related family. There will be legal fees that will have to be paid, and these must come out of the estate.

By making a clear and legal will, you can make sure as much as possible, that your family do not have any added burden placed on them when you die.

If you already have a will that you made yourself with a Will Kit, we can have a look at it for you for your peace of mind. Changes were made to the way wills are done in 2015. You need to be sure that your will made with a Will Kit is still legal.

Living wills (or powers of attorney) give you choice and control of your life (as far as possible) if you cannot make decisions for yourself in the future.

By appointing an attorney now through a living will, you can make sure that your voice is heard and your wishes are respected in decisions about your future welfare and care.

Kerdo Legal can prepare Advanced Care Directives. They provide a specific guide to your family, and to any medical and health professionals about serious medical decisions that you may face in the future.

Many of us at Kerdo Legal are out and proud members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Not only do we understand the specific issues relating to wills, living wills and probate in the LGBTIQ+ community, but we also understand the issues facing Poly communities. People in Queer and polyamorous families may face special issues around their wills and living wills that the law (and the broader community) does not accept nor understand. At Kerdo Legal, we can help you take steps to protect your Queer and Poly family if something happens to you.

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