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The pivotal moment in Kerdo Legal’s inception was mid-2014, after our Principal, Peggy Kerdo, had already been practising as a human rights and immigration lawyer for twelve years. She met a man living in a garage with his family, because he’d given their entire life savings ($13,000) to a migration agent for a visa application that actually cost less than $2,000 to lodge!

Although Peggy had seen many such cases, this particular story needled Peggy to set up her own law practice. Her vision was to provide legal and migration services coming form a solid, ethical foundation, where prices would be reasonable, and people would be given honest, easy to understand advice.

In the same spirit of caring for families, couples and individuals when they most need it, Peggy decided to include criminal law, family violence, vicitims of crime, end-of-life planning services, and also a range of services to the LGBTIQ community, of which she is a member.

Kerdo Legal opened its doors on 24 October 2014.

We know the law. We care about justice and human rights. It’s that simple.



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The swallow is a symbol of migration. It also represents protection, warmth, home, good fortune, hope and renewal, return and coming home after a long journey. It is something we want for all our clients.

Our logo was designed by the brilliant April Bevan

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