We belive that you should be able to get good legal help at good prices. We work very hard to keep our fees as low as possible by keeping our costs low. You pay for the work that needs to be done on your case, not a fancy office.

We offer a free 30 minute initial face to face, telephone, email or video consultation, and will do our best to give you an idea of how strong your case is as long as you provide us with all the information we need. We will also give you an estimate of fees and costs at our initial meeting. For most of our cases we charge a fixed professional fee per service, and of course, we can offer a payment plan through RapidPay.

Here is an example of some of our estimated fees. These exclude GST and disbursements. It maycost more if there are more than one applicant. Please talk to us in your free first consultation so we can talk about legal fees for your case.

  • Protection visa application through to interview with Department of Home Affairs:  $6,000
  • Partner visa Stage One application through to resolution from the Department of Home Affairs: $6,000
  • Child/Orphan Relative visa application through to resolution from the Department of Home Affairs: $5,000
  • Contributory Parent visa application through to resolution from the Department of Home Affairs: $6,000
  • Resident Return visa: $1,000
  • Student Visa application through to grant $1,000
  • Graduate Visa: $1,500
  • Review at Administrative Appeals Tribunal from application to decision: $6,000
  • Cancellation of visa (at Department stage): $6,000
  • Cancellation of visa (at Tribunal): $6,000
  • Will (simple – one person): $500
  • Will (simple – couple): $900
  • Court cases: All of our lawyers have been admitted to practice at the Supreme Court of Victoria AND High Court of Australia, which means we have carriage of cases at the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court, Full Federal Court and High Court. These matters are very complex, and it is very difficult to set a lump sum fee. Please talk to us in a free interview if you have a case at Court and we will explain our fee structure, which is transparent and reasonable, with possible access to a payment plan.

When you compare fees, be careful to compare for the same work. For example, other legal service providers may seem to quote less, but may only assist in part of the process. We stay with you until your case has a decision.

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We offer a free thirty minute consultation (face to face, email, telephone etc). We aim to provide you with a realistic assessment of your prospects of success. 
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