Kerdo Legal understands the strong bonds of family and the importance of reuniting family members and loved ones.

Under the Australian family migration scheme, Australian citizens and permanent residents may be allowed to sponsor family members to Australia, if they meet specific legal requirements.

It is important to get advice before making a Family Stream Visa application, so that you apply for the best one for your particular situation. We can provide you with all the relevant information about which visa to apply for and assist you along the entire process.

We are experienced in helping people obtain the following types of family visas:

  • Partner Visas (Temporary or Permanent) allow you to live in Australia if you are the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. (NOTE: the average processing time for this visa is 12 to 15 months);
  • Prospective Spouse Visas allow you to enter Australia and marry your intended fiancée (within 9 months);
  • Child Visas allow a child outside Australia to come to Australia to live with their parents;
  • Adoption Visas allow a child who is adopted outside Australia to come to Australia to live with their adoptive parents;
  • Orphan Relative Visas allow a child to travel to and live permanently in Australia with their sponsoring relative;
  • Parent Visas allow you to be sponsored by your child, or another eligible sponsor, to enter Australia;
  • Remaining Relative Visas enable you to join your brothers, sisters or parents who are already residents of Australia;
  • Carer Visas allow family members to enter Australia to care for a relative with a long term or permanent medical condition.
  • Family violence and partner visas;
  • Review of refusals of family visas at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

It is important to note that some family visas are subject to being capped and queued, and may have extensive waiting periods.

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