It is harder to make a successful migration application than you might think.

Significant numbers of visa applications are rejected by the Department of Immigration every year.

At Kerdo Legal, we give you up-to-date advice in clear and simple language.

Only an immigration lawyer is allowed to give legal advice and represent you if you need to make an appeal to the Courts.

An experienced immigration lawyer heads our practice. Her expertise oversees all decisions made by the firm.

Our immigration lawyer is regulated by and is accountable to the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority AND the Legal Services Commissioner of Victoria.

Only a registered migration agent is allowed to give migration advice.

All our migration agents are regulated by the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority and are required to abide by the Migration Agents’ Code of Conduct.

Immigration law is very complex and you really need professional lawyers and migration agents to help you.

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We offer a free thirty minute consultation (face to face, email, telephone etc). We aim to provide you with a realistic assessment of your prospects of success. 
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