Paghona Peggy Kerdo | Principal Solicitor, Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0801287), Kerdo Legal Partner.


Peggy is an experienced and respected lawyer and migration agent, with extensive networks in the public and private sectors. She has a strong background in immigration and refugee law, as well as a thriving wills and estate legal practice. Peggy has worked on behalf of marginalised and disadvantaged people for many years, assisting refugees to come to Australia (see video here). Peggy speaks English and Greek.


Wendy Brace | Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1679445), Kerdo Legal Partner.


Wendy has a core belief that people need access to justice at a reasonable price. Having worked as a teacher and psychotherapist over the past twenty years, Wendy has highly developed skills in caring for vulnerable people. With Migration Agent accreditation under her belt, coming on board as partner of Kerdo Legal was a natural fit for Wendy.


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