One person at a time. Just this Once.

SHEV/TPV holders from Afghanistan

We know that you cannot sponsor or propose your family members and friends from Afghanistan because you are on a TPV or a SHEV.

We know that you have these types of visas because you arrived in Australia by boat.

We know that you have a genuine fear of harm if you were to go back to Afghanistan.

We can help.

The plan

We need you to tell us the story of why you left Afghanistan and why your family are in danger.

We will then link you with an Australia citizen who has volunteered to be the proposer for your family.

We will organise the paperwork for the proposer and give you paperwork to fill out for your family.

We will work for free for you.

You will promise to meet all the costs and responsibilities that the proposer would have to meet. You must sign a contract to promise this.

For example, you will promise to assist your family members with:

  • payment of costs associated with their travel to Australia (ideal, but not compulsory);
  • meeting your family at their first point of arrival in Australia;
  • paying for the costs of quarantine;
  • arranging initial accommodation;
  • assisting your family to find and establish permanent accommodation; and
  • providing information and orientation assistance
    (for example, helping your family with Centrelink, enrolment into English classes,
    finding schools for any children, showing them where to get food, find a doctor etc).

There are no promises that this will work. We can just try.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program.
Email on [email protected] or call 0456 004 810


If you wish information on becoming a Proposer, click here for details