Afghan crisis: One person at a time

Afghan crisis: One person at a time

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. We need your help.

We know you feel overwhelmed, with most of us in lockdown, but there IS something you can do that will make a REAL difference to one person, one family.

What can you do?

There are people in our local community that have family members trapped in Afghanistan. Unlike Australian citizens and permanent residents, these people cannot sponsor or propose their family members for any visa.

This is because they arrived in Australia by boat, fleeing Afghanistan from the Taliban, and are on temporary protection visas (TPV) and safe haven enterprise visas (SHEV) (If you are on a SHEV or TPV and have family in Afghanistan, click here: Afghan Refugee Proposer Program for TPV and SHEV holders ).

Cruel and inhumane laws in the Australian Migration Act punish refugee Australian residents who arrived by boat by not allowing them to reunite with their families. They cannot apply for their families under Australia’s humanitarian program.

But you can.


You and your family can “propose” the family of a SHEV or TPV holder. The SHEV/TPV holder will pay for expenses, like airfares, settlement, accommodation etc for their family.

If you choose to go ahead, we will match you with one of our SHEV/TPV holders on out list, and a group of volunteers will work with you to get this done. My team and I will supervise all the applications and proposals, pro bono. Free.

If you are interested in becoming a proposer, please click here for more information: Afghan Refugee Proposer Information